Adventure Hub Spot: The Clearwater Special

Clearwater is magical! That statement may have been used one too many times but it is the absolute truth and there can be no compromise on that. Located in sunny Florida, Clearwater offers and delivers on one of the most amazing adventure experiences in the world. A tourist world destination, you can bet that you will be one of many satisfied individuals relaxing in Clearwater.

What it has to offer

Ignoring all the talk and praise, let us get straight down to the details of what Clearwater has to offer on the adventurous side of life.

Coolest sky adventure

While in Clearwater, you have a pristine opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s most amazing sky adventures. There are those that prefer the comfort of a plane when up in the air with the birds and for that, there are a number of planes that can give you the scenic tour. Then comes the more daring, but still not too un-comfortable adventures. For you, there is the sky surfing, sky gliding, parasailing, hot air ballooning and a number of other daring adventures – including sky diving for the really adventurous.


Beach and water sports

The Clearwater Beach is one of the most prominent in the world. The reason behind this is not just its beauty and majesty, but also the abundance of activities to throw yourself into. From beach sports on the fine sand to water sports on the lovely gulf waters. You get it all.

Marine wildlife

The Clearwater dolphins are among the world’s most famous. You can have a one on one touch with nature in its marine habitat at the Clearwater aquarium, where you also get to see the dolphins. Alternatively, you could opt for a more realistic approach with under water exploration.

From the skies to the oceans, the potential adventure spots in Clearwater are too vast to compress into a single post. One thing is for sure though, Clearwater is one of the most photogenic, adventure-filled and exquisite locations in the world.